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  • Taylor J. Program Supervisor N.O.W.

    Rob was great to work with! There was good communication throughout the entire process. We had 31 skydivers that raised an amazing amount of funds for mental health! Thank you for the great experience! We cannot wait until next years event!

  • Rick R.

    Great experience! Raising funds was very easy. I raised over $3000 to help fight cancer. Charity Skydive was very helpful in setting everything up. The one time I had a question I emailed them and got an answer right away. The jump was awesome! Chicgoland Skydiving Center where I jumped was great. My instructor was professional and tons of fun. I will never fundraise any other way again. I rasied way more than when I have done 5k’s etc and the experience does not compare to anything else. Thanks Charity Skydive!

  • Sarah, Development Director @ HFHMC

    Non-profit: We are incredibly grateful for the help provided by Charity Skydive for a recent fundraiser we chose to take on here at Habitat for Humanity of McLean County. Our Construction Manager, who was approaching his 100th built home with our affiliate, was looking for a creative way to raise money to sponsor the house himself. After a comment was jokingly made that “people would pay good money to see him heaved out of the plane” it became apparent that a skydiving fundraiser – later to be coined as “Falling for Families”— was exactly what we should try. At a complete loss for where to begin, we contacted the nearest skydiving facility and were immediately told we “needed to contact Rob with Charity Skydive – he’s awesome!” Of course, that recommendation was perfect for us, as he helped us every single step of the way. Charity Skydive provided the support we needed for our first attempt at this new fundraising event.

    As an added bonus, we were able to take this unique fundraiser to our media outlets and also draw a very different demographic of supporters with this opportunity – the younger adults in our community! This was also an incredible opportunity for our staff to come together and show the community our commitment to raising awareness of our mission. Our sincerest thanks!

  • Melvin M.

    I just did my first tandem while raising money for the National MS Society as a wedding present for a dear friend who has the disorder. Doing this dive was a very cool experience, my family was there watching and my grandmother is still convinced I didn’t get on the plane despite having the video to prove it. Surprisingly I was more scared on the ground both before and after the dive than when I was on the plane or doing the skydive! I went to the Tampa drop zone (Skydive City) and you can’t beat the location. If I had the money, I would have prepaid for my next skydive, but since I don’t have the funds to do this again any time soon, I am hoping another charity that I work for gets the very loud message and considers helping me do this again.

  • John

    Just thought I’d drop you a mail to say a big thanks to you all there for an absolutely unbelievable experience. By far one of the best things anyone could ever experience. Only wish it’d last for longer. Has certainly whetted my appetite. Think once I’ve got the pennies saved I’ll be tempted to come back for more. Must say thanks to Trev for having such a calming attitude and arguably being one of the coolest geezers I’ve ever met (do the dragon!!!). What a great way to raise money for charity!

  • Emma B.

    I just wanted to say a massive thank-you to you all for really making my day on Sunday. I’ve raised more than $2,000 for the Multiple Sclerosis Society which you guys helped with so I’m really grateful. I had such an amazing time and you all made me feel really welcome. Please pass on my huge thanks to my instructor who made me feel at ease and made it an unforgettable experience. The singing on the way down was truly beautiful and the spins were amazing! Although I’m disappointed we didn’t get to see the rainbow so will definitely be coming back to experience that sometime soon.

  • Wendy N.

    Hi, I would just like to say a big thank you to Brian my tandem partner and to Grant my cameraman for making my first tandem parachute jump yesterday so unbelievable. Brian made me totally at ease and made the whole experience amazing – particularly the rainbow! I shall definitely be doing another one very shortly. This is the way to raise money. Thanks Charity Skydive!

  • Don A.

    Hi there, I would just to say a big (nay Huge) thank you to everybody I met parachuting on August 1st for making my first Tandem Skydive an experience I will never forget, and have recommended to friends on Facebook. You were all so friendly and the fact I was so delighted and not nervous in the slightest was down to everybody at the airfield! However I would mainly put that down to Trevor for being an amazing instructor, who gave us such wonderful instruction before, during the flight and whilst flying on a cushion of air. I really cannot thank him enough for making me feel so calm and safe with him, we had such a laugh, and he even sang to me on the way down. I can recommend it to anyone who, like me, raises money for their chosen charity You will not regret it! Thanks again Charity Skydive!

  • Zara H.

    Sponsored Skydive for Ovarian Cancer – Raised Over $1500! Thought I would send an email just to say a major thank you! Thank you to my instructor as well. I really cannot thank him enough for making me feel so calm and safe with him, such a laugh! Really have had such an amazing day, I was left speechless at how amazing it felt, and am already chomping at the bit to get back and relive the moment all again! Will certainly be back as soon as possible to do it all again, would love to take up skydiving as a hobby! Really recommend Charity Skydive to anybody! You will not regret it! Thank You!

  • Melanie E.

    A huge thank you to Charity Skydive for providing such a great opportunity to raise money for a casue I really believe in and for helping me make my first jump today such an amazing experience.

  • Shona S.

    Hi, Just wanted to say thanks for Saturday, It was an amazing experience and I still haven’t come down yet. Raising money this way was incredible!

  • Nimisha P.

    Just wanted to say a big fat THANK YOU for making my 30th birthday special and looking after us and just being generally lovely! You were all great but I want to say a special THANK YOU to Trev (tandem instructor), who I love! I was sooooooooooooo scared but Trev you were fantastic, you put me at ease with your calming nature and reassuring voice and made this experience a surreal and beautiful one! You propa made sure I was okay and I know you were just doing your job but you do your job real well! I definitely want to experience a Skydive again so thank you for a great introduction! Charity Skydive is great!


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